Top 10 Must Have Baby Items for New Parents
Posted: April 17, 2024

Congratulations on your new baby! I’m sure you’re excited to hit the store and start picking out all the things you’ll need for your little one. You’re ready to grab that scanner and start adding items to the baby registry today! That’s why I created this list of Top 10 Must Have Baby Items for New Parents.

The cost of all of these baby items can add up quickly! But making the right investment in items that will last several years can release that burden, so you can invest in other things like newborn photography! 🙂

Some of these items might not save you a ton of money as you may only use them for a little while, but they might save your sanity and you can’t put a price on that!

Baby Swing

I highly recommend a baby swing for any new parent. The baby swing was a lifesaver for me when my son was a newborn baby. I had one similar to this Graco Baby Swing. It gently swayed my son and kept him safe while I was able to clean the house, do laundry, and make meals.

If you can find one that lights up and has a mobile, even better! My son loved cooing at the figures as they would spin around above his head. More times than not, he would fall asleep to the gentle swaying motion of the swing. And we all love a sleeping baby!

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Bottle Warmer

A bottle warmer is a must-have if you’re bottle-feeding your baby. When my son was a baby he was bottle fed because he wouldn’t latch for breastfeeding, but he also needed the extra calories after being diagnosed with Cystic Fibrosis.

We would premake the bottles and keep them in the fridge and then warm them up when needed. This was especially helpful in the middle of the night when you’re barely awake for feedings. You just grab the bottle from the fridge, pop it in the warmer and in a few minutes you have a nice warm bottle to feed your hungry baby.

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Dr. Brown’s Bottles

Dr. Brown’s Bottles were designed to help eliminate air going into your baby’s belly as they feed. Once that air goes into the belly it can travel down and cause gas pain leaving the baby uncomfortable and fussy. Some say this is a reason for colic, while my son’s pediatrician was certain acid reflux is the cause in about 80% of babies.

My son had colic and antacids made a huge difference for him. It finally helped him feed comfortably and he stopped the non-stop crying in the evenings. Antacids were a godsend for us. But if you have a baby that’s fussy after eating, try Dr. Brown’s Bottles; it might just be gas.

Diaper Genie

Babies are cute, but they’re stinky! Unless you’re running out to the garbage can after every diaper change, you’ll want a Diaper Genie in your baby’s nursery. This item will get used for 2-3 years until your baby is fully potty trained.

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5 in 1 Crib

The 5 in 1 crib is one of the biggest money-savers! We used one of these for my son and it lasted for 12 years. First, you’ll use it as a crib, then a toddler bed with a railing to prevent falls, a daybed, and a full-size bed. The only additional cost during this time was the mattress. We used a crib mattress until the bed was converted to a full-size bed with a footboard (you can also convert to a full-size bed without the footboard). At that time, we bought a full-size mattress. A great investment!

Dresser/Changing Table

Anytime you can buy one thing and have multiple uses for it, it can save not only money but space as well. Find a changing table that’s also a dresser with lots of storage. Just buy a changing pad to put on top. The dresser I bought for my son’s nursery is one we still have almost 15 years later.

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Convertible Car Seat

Your baby will grow so quickly. It’s crazy how fast they change from a toddler to a school ager. Just like the 5 in 1 crib and the combo dresser and changing table, you’ll want to purchase items that you can get a lot of use out of. The convertible car seat is one of these items. After your baby graduates from the rear-facing carrier-style car seat and is now front-facing, the convertible car seat will grow with your toddler until they no longer need a booster seat.

Stoller-Car Seat Combo

The stroller car seat combo is another 2 in 1 item that you’ll get a lot of years out of. The car seat will last about a year or so until your baby outgrows it, but the stroller can last for quite a few years. I’m pretty sure we got at least a good 4 years out of it. Even as my son became pre-school age, we always brought the stroller with us when we went somewhere. His little legs would tire easily, so it was just easier to push him around in the stroller than carry him as he started getting heavier.

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Baby Sling Carrier

When my little guy was an infant, he sometimes hated being put down, especially during this colic phase. But I knew I still needed to get work done around the house like washing bottles, doing the dishes, and folding laundry.

This is where the baby sling carrier came in handy. I was able to “wear” him while having my arms free to do those things. I only used this for a few months while he was still small enough to fit and once he was on antacids for his acid reflux/colic and was ok with being put down.

White Noise Machine

Babies like noise. They do! Inside the womb, it’s very noisy. They hear the sounds of your heart beating, blood moving around in your body, your stomach growling and digesting food and the muffled sounds of voices all around. You’ll find that sounds like the vacuum cleaner and the faucet running will calm and soothe your baby.

That’s why investing in a white noise machine may help you calm your baby and keep them asleep during nap time and throughout the night once they get a little bit older. My son is a teenager and still uses one.

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Now that you’ve read through the list and viewed some gorgeous newborn baby portraits, if you’re looking for a newborn photographer don’t hesitate to reach out to me!

Are there other items that you use that didn’t make my list? I’d love to hear about them. Just comment below!

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