Why You’ll Never Regret Having Maternity Photos

Why You’ll Never Regret Having Maternity Photos

I promise you. You’ll never regret having maternity photos taken. If you asked me today to show you a picture of me when I was pregnant with my son, I honestly couldn’t tell you where to find one. Nope. Not even one photo.

I know I took some selfies while my belly was growing over those 9 months. Someone took photos of me at my baby shower. There’s a photo of my husband and me right before we left for the hospital. But I don’t know where they are.

They might be on a random hard drive somewhere or maybe on an old blog website that probably no longer exists. I do know for sure none of them were ever printed.

This makes me sad. My one and only pregnancy was never photographed. Not having professional maternity photos taken is my biggest regret.

Before our wedding, we had engagement photos taken. There’s one on my living room fireplace mantel and the guest book at our wedding was filled with photos from that day. That book also sits on a shelf in my living room.

Of course, we had wedding photos! Lots of wedding photos! We have a whole album of photos from our wedding photographer plus heaps of candids taken by wedding guests and family members who were there to celebrate the big day with us. I love these photos and look back at them often.

But after getting pregnant, which took a while after we were married, maternity photos never really registered with me. I knew I wanted baby photos and family photos taken after he was born. But maternity photos never entered my radar.

This was 15 years ago, just to be clear. I don’t even remember if maternity photos were a thing back then. They may have been as the newborn photo craze had just started around then. I remember this time well because soon after my son was born, my love and passion for baby photography began.

I hope as you’re reading this, you’ll do yourself a great big favor and book a maternity session with a photographer. It doesn’t have to be with me; it can be with anyone. Please do it; today. It’s never too early or too late (unless you’ve had the baby) to book a maternity session. I promise you, it’s worth the investment.

If I could go back in time and have these photos taken, I’d pay just about anything (enter my heavy sigh here).

But, this is why I do what I do! And I’m so glad this mama-to-be came to see me for her maternity photos at my studio. She loved my classic, clean, and simple style of maternity photography, which paired well with her simple strapless white maternity gown and classic black bra/white button-down shirt that showed off her beautiful baby belly.

I just know she’ll never regret having maternity photos taken and she’ll treasure them forever.

If you want to book your own maternity session, please reach out to me today! It’s best to book your session around the time you’ll be about 28-32 weeks along. I can’t wait to hear from you!

Twin Cities Maternity Photographer with Studio

Twin Cities Maternity Photographer with Studio

What do I love about being a Twin Cities Maternity Photographer with Studio? On extreme weather days like today (hello, hot and humid!), the studio is always a comfortable 70 degrees. It’s dry, has beautiful light, and perfectly captures you and your growing family just as you are today.

If you’re reading this and looking for a maternity photographer to capture your pregnancy and growing family, it’s best to reach out as soon as possible to ensure a date on my calendar. I’m currently booked through the end of August and am now booking sessions in September, October, and November.

Because I devote several hours to each of my clients and take pride in delivering galleries promptly, I take a limited number of sessions each week. Most likely, the longest you’ll ever wait to see your photos will be 2 weeks.

I would love to work with you and be your photographer to help you capture this precious and fleeting moment. Contact me today!

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Newborn Photographer near Hugo MN

Newborn Photographer near Hugo MN

Looking for a newborn photographer near Hugo MN? Look no further! My studio is a quick and easy 30-minute drive from Hugo, MN. I’m also happy to come out to your home for a lifestyle newborn photography session. Either way, you’re guaranteed to have precious memories from your newborn’s first days.

I’m proud to be a Twin Cities newborn photographer who offers a variety of products as artwork for your home.

There’s something special about having photo artwork in your home. Not only can you display them in a way that feels personal and unique, but you can enjoy them without the need for a device or internet connection. You can hold them in your hands, pass them around to friends and family, and even frame them as home decor.

Plus, there’s something irreplaceable about the feeling of flipping through a photo album and reliving the memories captured in each and every image. While digital files may be convenient, they simply can’t compare to the tangible and lasting beauty of photo artwork.

Working with an experienced newborn photographer is important because newborn photography requires a specific set of skills and knowledge. An experienced photographer will know how to handle and pose newborns safely, and will also have a variety of props and setups to create beautiful and unique images.

A newborn photographer will understand the importance of capturing the details and moments that make those first few weeks of life so special. By choosing an experienced photographer, you can trust that the images are of the highest quality and will provide lasting memories of your baby’s earliest days.

When you book a newborn photography session with me, you get a photographer with over 12 years of experience in the photography industry and several years prior working with babies and kids as a daycare teacher.

This family is on round 2 of a First Year Baby Plan package. It’s been such a joy working with them and getting to know them during their maternity, newborn, and baby milestone sessions!

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Ready to book your newborn photography session? Contact me today!

White Bear Lake Maternity Photographer ~ Fun at the beach!

White Bear Lake Maternity Photographer ~ Fun at the beach!

This family found me looking for a White Bear Lake Maternity Photographer. This maternity session has truly become one of my favorites. We were so lucky to get such a beautiful warm August evening with gorgeous golden hour light. This time of day is most definitely my favorite for maternity and family photos.

We shot this session at my favorite spot to work at – West Medicine Lake Park in Plymouth, MN. I’m absolutely in love with how her bright pink maternity dress contrasted with the tall grasses and wildflowers with that yellow-golden glow. There is a reason this spot is my absolute favorite for maternity photos.

We also made use of the beach towards the end of the session. It was the least we could do for their little man who wasn’t exactly thrilled to be at the photo shoot that night. It was the perfect way to end the evening. I always want my photography sessions to end on a good note!

We’ve already done their baby boy’s newborn photos, which will probably be blogged next. I’m so far behind on blogging as I just wrapped up a very, very busy past couple of months.

I’m looking forward to a little break over the next week or so to get caught up on blogging and house projects as I prepare to host Thanksgiving for the 3rd year in a row for about 20 people. I love this time of year and this holiday especially. There’s no pressure; just lots of family, food, footfall, and fun! 🙂

Speaking of families, enjoy these favorites from my time together with this beautiful family!

If you’re looking for a White Bear Lake Maternity Photographer, please reach out to me as I’d love to work with you and create some beautiful memories for you and your family, too!

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Maternity and Newborn Photographer near Bloomington MN

Maternity and Newborn Photographer near Bloomington MN

Looking for a maternity and newborn photographer near Bloomington MN? I love working with couples from Bloomington! Well, this is probably going to be a huge overshare, but I just can’t help myself. I love, love, love the photos from this maternity session. Not only was this couple super sweet and fun to work with, but they are also downright GORGEOUS! I’m so excited to work with them on their upcoming First Year Baby Plan. Baby boy is due in July and we’ll be starting his sessions with a Fresh 48 Hospital session, followed by his posed newborn and family photos, and then wrapping up his plan with One Year Photos.

These were taken a few weeks ago on a beautiful evening at West Medicine Lake Park in Plymouth. Yes, it’s my go-to favorite spot for maternity photos. I’ve been using this spot for over 6 years now and it’s always picturesque anytime of year. And in my special little spot I love to use, there’s never anyone around, so it’s nice and quiet. On this particular night when we did encounter any park visitors, they were so sweet and kind offering congratulations (and a few honks as they drove by in their cars) to the parents-to-be.


And if you’re looking for a maternity and newborn photographer near Bloomington MN, I’d love to work with you! Please reach out today!

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