Newborn Photography Tips for Parents

Newborn Photography Tips for Parents

Do you want beautiful photos of your newborn baby while they’re still so little and fresh? As a Professional Newborn Photographer in the Minneapolis area, I want to help you prepare for your posed newborn photography session to get the best images together. Here are my Newborn Photography Tips for Parents!

The key to a successful newborn photography session is a sleepy newborn. You would think all newborns are always super sleepy, right? Well, not always. There are a lot of factors that can contribute to the baby being awake during this sleepier time. We want to make sure we address all of the issues to make this as smooth a process as possible.

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Newborn Photography Tips for Parents #1: Plan to feed the baby with a full feed right before the start of the session.

First and foremost, we need a well-fed baby (like, milk drunk). This is the most important for preparing for a posed newborn photography session. However you feed your baby, whether that be breastfed or bottle-fed, we need babies to have a nice full tummy to keep them dozing during their newborn photography session.

You can do that at home if you have a shorter drive to the studio, or you can do that when you arrive at the studio.

Some babies tend to need to eat a bit more during newborn photography sessions, so get comfortable with breastfeeding your baby at the studio. As a mom, I can tell you that all modesty goes right out the window after you have a baby. So usually by the time parents get to the studio, they’re pretty comfortable with it. Otherwise, bring at least 2 extra full bottles so that you can bottle-feed the baby as needed. I also have an on-site bathroom if you just want to bring some powder formula and some spare bottles.

If you’re breastfeeding your baby it’s important to pay attention to what you’re eating and drinking for a few days before the newborn photography session. Remember, what you eat, the baby eats. Things like caffeine, sugar, gassy foods (beans, broccoli, cabbage, and Brussels sprouts), and acidic foods (oranges and tomatoes) can have an impact on your baby’s maturing digestive system leading to an upset tummy and gas. Take a look at this article outlining the foods you should be eating and avoiding while breastfeeding.

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After the baby has a nice full feed, it’s helpful to have a pacifier on hand for the baby to suck on. We don’t want the baby to overeat. Some babies just need something to suck on to keep themselves soothed while they go into a nice deep sleep. If you don’t have one, I’ll have unopened spare pacifiers at the studio. You can even take it home with you after we’re done with your newborn portrait session.

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Newborn Photography Tips for Parents #2: Bring extra diapers.

I keep newborn diapers at the studio, but if you have a particular brand you use, bring some extras with you. Keeping babies in a nice dry diaper is also key to keeping them comfortable so they can sleep during the session. Every baby is different and some don’t mind sitting in a dirty diaper. But the last thing we want to encourage is a diaper rash. The session will last anywhere from 2-3 hours, so we’ll be changing the baby as needed during the session.

Newborn Photography Tips for Parents #3: Dress comfortably.

At my posed newborn photography sessions, I’m not only concerned about keeping the baby comfortable. But I want you to be comfortable, too. Keep in mind the session will last roughly 3 hours with family/parent photos and photos of your newborn. The studio will be quite warm (around 75-80 degrees) to keep the baby warm, so dress accordingly. Feel free to bring a spare outfit to change into once we’re all done with family photos.

Newborn Photography Tips for Parents #4: Eat a good breakfast!

The session will last about 3 hours and the first 30 minutes of the session will be family photos, sibling photos, and individual photos of mom with the baby and dad with the baby. I don’t want anyone passing out or fainting while holding the newborn baby! There are vending machines in my building and I also offer some light snacks, but you might want to bring your own, as well.

Breastfeeding mamas in particular need to stay hydrated and keep their energy levels up. My newborn photography sessions typically start around 10 am, so that means the session could go until 1 pm or 2 pm.

Often one of the parents (usually dad) will run out and grab coffee or lunch after the family portion is done. My studio in Brooklyn Park is just a 5-minute drive from many fast food restaurants and coffee shops in downtown Maple Grove.

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Newborn Photography Tips for Parents #5: Take advantage of the free time.

I remember as a new mom feeling like every minute of every day in those first few weeks after my son was born was completely dedicated to my son. I barely had time to eat or shower, let alone do something relaxing for myself.

This is your time to relax a bit while I work with your newborn for a couple of hours. You may want to bring your laptop, iPad, or a book, so you can catch up on emails, or finally get that novel finished!

It can even get a little boring for the parents while I’m working with the baby on their posed newborn photos. I try to work quickly, but if the baby is unsettled for any reason the session may take a bit longer.

Newborn Photography Tips for Parents #6: I need your patience.

This is a process that cannot be rushed. My sessions are baby-led meaning I take my queues from them. As I stated above, unsettled babies will take longer to fall asleep, stay asleep, and pose.

I strongly recommend that if you have a spouse or partner who gets too impatient to wait it out, have them drive separately to the session. That way they can take off once their part of the session is over (and we can hang out and have some girl talk!) This will ensure that we get all of the poses and as much variety out of your session as possible.

Remember, your newborn is only a newborn once. Following these tips will make the most of our newborn photography session together so that you end up with the most beautiful images of your baby that you’ll love and cherish forever!

In Home Newborn Photographer near St. Paul, MN

In Home Newborn Photographer near St. Paul, MN

Are you looking for an in home newborn photographer near St. Paul, MN? I’d love to work with you on your in-home lifestyle newborn photos. I travel all around the Twin Cities metro area and enjoy coming to my client’s homes for their portrait sessions.

I just realized it’s been a while since I last posted a Lifestyle Newborn Session. After searching through my blog for some examples for a potential new client, I thought I better update that, and what better than with this most recent session?

I loved working with this beautiful mama, her sweet hubby, and their brand-new baby girl for their in-home lifestyle newborn photos. They had such great light all around their home thanks to the big beautiful windows.

We were able to take family photos in the living room, the nursery, and their master bedroom.

I just loved all the pink in the baby’s nursery! And how cute is their little white dog? I think he was a little jealous of the baby getting all the attention, so he pretty much stayed in his bed the entire time.

I love working with dogs and animals, so that’s a nice bonus to having newborn photos done at home. Pets are always welcome and included in the photos. They’re a bit part of your baby’s story and are often the first “baby” you bring home.

It’s been a busy, busy start to the year and I’m booking new sessions every day. I’m currently booking for February and March and those dates are almost filled up!

I can’t wait to meet all the new babies and see some of my current baby planners and past clients again this year. It’s going to be so much fun!

If you’re looking for a Newborn Photographer near St. Paul, MN, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me. I’d love to work with you!

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in home lifestyle newborn photographer near St. Paul MN
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Clean and Classic Newborn and Family Photography

Clean and Classic Newborn and Family Photography

This clean and classic newborn and family photography session has become one of my favorites. I love the simplicity of the whites and muted tones of gray and pink for this sweet baby girl.

And I love how Mom and Dad wore white shirts to keep it clean and simple for their family photos. My absolute favorite color for babies is white. It goes with all skin tones, it goes well with all colors, it can be cool or warm, and it’s just…timeless.

White reminds me of things that are fresh and new, just like a brand-new baby. So, if you’re ever in doubt as to what to wear to your newborn or baby photo session, just go with white (I also have a maternity session I’ll be blogging soon with mom in a gorgeous white maternity gown.)

I drove to downtown Minneapolis for this posed newborn photo shoot. You can’t go wrong on the 29th floor with floor-to-ceiling windows for a photo shoot.

The light was amazing as well as the large open spaces and soft colors throughout their apartment.

This couple was one of the sweetest I’ve met to date and I guess I shouldn’t have been surprised to find they hail from Canada. I think next to us Minnesotans, Canadians are just about the nicest people you will ever meet. Oh, Canada…

I truly hope to be able to work with this couple again for more family photos and milestone photos of their sweet baby girl. In the meantime, check out some of my favorites from our newborn session together. Enjoy!

If you’re looking for a photographer who provides clean and classic newborn and family photography, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me!

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