What Should I Wear For My Maternity Photos?

What Should I Wear For My Maternity Photos?

Are you starting to plan out what you’ll wear to your maternity photography session? For many of my client the first professional photography session they have after their wedding is their maternity portrait session. So, you’ll likely be asking yourself what should I wear for my maternity photos?

A lot of women, especially during pregnancy, are incredibly self-conscious about their bodies. They worry with the pregnancy weight they’ve gained their arms and legs don’t look quite as good as they used to. So, my advice is to cover up what you don’t want to see in the photos. I mean the focus will be on your belly anyway, right?

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Trust me, there aren’t a lot of pregnant women who can pull off a sleeveless dress with a short skirt like this mama here. And if you’re one of them, congratulations…and what’s your secret?

However, if you’re in the majority and not sure you can pull that one off, there are lots of other options that make you feel comfortable in front of the camera while flattering your gorgeous baby belly. So, where can a pregnant woman find such a dress? Read on!

Amazon is always a great option for an affordable maternity gown for your pregnancy portrait session. Most likely you’ll only wear this dress once unless you re-wear it at your next maternity photoshoot, or can wear it after delivery.

First is this beautiful and flowy wrap-style maternity gown with long sleeves. This dress photographs beautifully, especially on this windy evening we had for this maternity session. I got several photos of the train billowing behind her as the wind picked up.

You can find a dress similar to the one here – a long-sleeved maternity dress with a flower sash.

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dark green off the shoulder mermaid style maternity dress

Another style of maternity gown that I think looks fabulous on just about everyone is this off-the-shoulder mermaid-style maternity gown.

Doesn’t this mama look stunning? I love how the fitted waist hugs her pregnant belly showing off that beautiful baby bump.

You can also buy this one from Amazon and it comes in lots of great colors.

Speaking of colors, I do recommend solid colors for a simple and elegant look. Lighter colors will show off that bump just a little bit more, so look for colors in light pink, light blue, beige, white, etc.

Darker colors tend to hide and minify the bump. If you prefer darker colors, there are ways to strategically pose you so your bump will still be on full display.

Feeling like you want to show off a bit more skin at your maternity portrait session?

This sleeveless open-front maternity gown is gorgeous and is another affordable Amazon find.

This dress is also versatile if you want to hide the belly for a few pregnancy photos as well. You can simply bring both sides of the front together and hold it under your belly.

And this one, like many others, comes in lots of colors.

Not sure which color maternity gown to get? Go with white! It’s classic and clean and always photographs well.

sleeveless open front maternity gown in white
pregnant woman in white maternity dress in all white studio in minneapolis mn

This is another favorite style of mine! A form-fitted maternity dress with long sleeves.

This dress style will hide your arms and legs while keeping your belly bump front and center.

I found a few dresses that fit this style here – Sexy Mama Maternity.

This lacy white maternity gown with off-the-shoulder sleeves is another beautiful choice. And, I have this one at the studio.

So, if this is a look you like, you’re more than welcome to try on this gown or any other gown I have at the studio

You’ll just need to bring a strapless bra and that’s it.

glowy outdoor fall maternity photos plymouth mn

While I love maternity dresses in solid colors, floral prints are the exception!

Not a dress kind of girl? I get it. I’m not either! My go-to are jeans, a T-shirt, and a cardigan. Grab those maternity jeans and a cute maternity top if you want a more casual look for your pregnancy photos.

If you’re still left wondering What Should I Wear For My Maternity Photos, here are a few more ideas from Amazon. I’ve not yet photographed anyone in these styles of dresses, but how cute are they?

Sweater Maternity Wrap Dress – this is one you could even wear after delivery and beyond. I could easily see this one being worm for a fall or winter maternity session.

Another beautiful option is this Chiffon 3/4 Sleeve A-line Lace Embroidery Maternity Dress. The lace adds a nice elegance to the photos while the a-line will help show off that baby belly.

Another website to look for maternity photoshoot dresses & gowns is PinkBlush. They’re a little bit more expensive than Amazon but run deals all the time.

If you’re looking for some florally and ultra-feminine options, check out Nothing Fits But Maternity Dresses. These dresses aren’t inexpensive, but you may be able to find a deal. These dresses are what I would consider boho-chic or shabby-chic.

The dress from PinkBlush and Nothing Fits But also have great options for family photos, too!

And if you’re still looking for a maternity photographer in the Minneapolis area, don’t hesitate to reach out to me!

Studio Maternity Photographer in Minneapolis

Studio Maternity Photographer in Minneapolis

If you’re looking for a studio maternity photographer in Minneapolis, I’m your gal! I’d love to work with you on creating beautiful, simple, and elegant maternity photography documenting your pregnancy.

This couple came all the way up from Cottage Grove to my studio in Brooklyn Park for their studio maternity session. We had originally planned to have the session outside in the snow, I mean it’s winter after all, but Mother Nature has had other plans.

This has been the craziest winter. I love taking maternity photos out in the snow, but I also love being a studio maternity photographer in Minneapolis. The studio is such a great space for maternity, newborn, and baby photos.

Mom brought 2 dresses for her session with her hubby and she looked so great in both of them. She had the perfect baby bump for her maternity photos.

I was a little nervous about the black dress since black can actually hide the baby bump because it slims you, but it actually turned out really great! I loved how the black dress popped against all of the backgrounds in the studio.

In the studio, we get so much variety using the white backlit background, the neutral wall, and the grey seamless backdrop. Oh my gosh, she looked so great against them all.

The second dress was a beautiful red velvet dress (which would have looked so great out in the snow) that was so elegant and beautiful. Again, she looked great against all 3 backdrops.

I think the best compliment I could have gotten came on the day of their newborn session, which we did last weekend. They said when they got the slideshow preview of their images, they couldn’t stop watching it. They loved these photos so much! Yay! That made me so happy and that’s why I love doing this job.

I love bringing joy into people’s lives, especially in these crazy times. I love capturing these joyful moments and preserving them in images they’ll cherish forever. I truly just love making people happy.

So, on that note, if you’re looking for a studio maternity photographer in Minneapolis who will capture your joyful moments in your early stages of motherhood, don’t hesitate to reach out to me. I’d love to work with you!

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Maternity Photographer near Blaine, MN

Maternity Photographer near Blaine, MN

If you’re looking for a maternity photographer near Blaine, MN I would love to work with you and be your photographer!

Maternity Photography Sessions can take place in my studio located in Brooklyn Park, just a few miles north of Minneapolis, outdoors at a local Minneapolis park, or even in your own home.

When you book a maternity session with a newborn session, you receive $100 off the combined session fee total. And why wouldn’t you want to document both your pregnancy and newborn photos? If not, you should come back for some milestone photos of your baby as they grow during their first year. Better yet, sign up for a First Year Baby Plan and document all the milestones from your pregnancy to your baby’s first birthday.

Maternity photos are so special. I don’t have many photos of me when I was pregnant with my son. I honestly can’t even tell you where I could find one. Maybe on a USB or CD somewhere? I wish I had gotten pregnancy photos taken, especially since it was my only pregnancy.

We always regret the things we don’t do, right?

Well, don’t be like me, and get your maternity photos taken before it’s too late! You definitely can’t go back to that moment once it’s gone.

Contact me today to schedule your maternity photoshoot if you’re looking for a maternity photographer near Blaine, MN. I am mostly booked through the end of July, but can sometimes squeeze in an evening maternity session at the last minute. I look forward to hearing from you!

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Why You Should Invest in Custom Family Portrait Photography

Why You Should Invest in Custom Family Portrait Photography

Are you looking for a Minneapolis Newborn and Family Photographer who can provide you with an amazing experience, digital files, and beautiful artwork for your nursery, living room, and bedroom? Congrats! You’re ready to invest in custom family portrait photography! The best investment you can make as your family photos will only grow more valuable over time.

By the time they inquire with me, most of my clients have worked with a professional photographer before. Usually a wedding photographer. Most wedding photographers these days provide you with all the digital images from your wedding. But the majority of brides and grooms never do anything with them.

Before the days of digital photography (which really wasn’t that long ago), people actually printed their photos! We put our memories in albums, we had our portraits framed and hung on our walls, and we displayed our family photos proudly in our homes for our friends and family to see.

Then…came social media and all its glory. All of a sudden it became more important to share our family photos with everyone on the internet to enjoy…for what, a second? Then that moment, that hype, that excitement is…gone.

When you invest in custom portrait photography, you don’t just enjoy it on social media for a second. It’s there for you to enjoy every single day! So every time you walk past your living room, glance up above your bed, or tuck your baby in at night you have those memories to reflect on. It brings you joy and happiness every time you look at them.

When you invest in your newborn, baby, and maternity photography with me you get the best of both worlds! My Goldilocks Pricing ensures you get both.

With each session, you’ll get your choice of digital files for your own personal printing and sharing on social media and a print credit to use in your gallery store. The print credit can be used for gift prints, framed prints, canvas wall art, birth announcements, and keepsake albums.

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I would love to be your Minneapolis Newborn and Family Photographer Providing Digital Images + Beautiful Artwork for Your Home! Let’s start working on creating beautiful images that you’ll be so proud to share with family and friends and even prouder to frame and hang up on your walls!

Contact me today to schedule your newborn, baby, family, or maternity session!

Twin Cities Northern Suburbs Maternity and Family Photographer

Twin Cities Northern Suburbs Maternity and Family Photographer

I’m a Twin Cities Northern Suburbs maternity and family photographer. I absolutely love serving my clients in the Twin Cities with simple, elegant, and timeless family photography.

I recently had a conversation with a client and I was so relieved by the end of our conversation.

We were discussing trends in photography and I was happy to say she and I were in agreement on this: I’m not a fan of the boho trend. There I said it. I don’t want the 60’s and 70’s style trends coming back, especially in family photography.

I’m sorry, but the boho trend you see in a lot of photography today will be the butt of jokes in 15-20 years, just like the “awkward family photos” memes you see today.

All these macrame and wicker and wheat straws and orange-tinted photos? Just why?? There is nothing worse than outdated maternity and family photos. And if a photographer gives in to every style that comes along; what exactly is their style?

This is why my photography style is clean, classic, and timeless. This has been my style for over 12 years now.

Yes, I use props in my newborn photos, but again; clean, classic, and timeless. I don’t want you or your baby to be the butt of jokes as you look back on your photos in 15 to 20 years.

My studio is simple and clutter-free making the sole focus of your portraits; YOU. Not the macrame, not the wicker, not the weird wheat straw; just you. Unless the whole boho trend is your thing? Maybe your whole house looks like this and the photos that go on your walls will blend right in. Awesome. You do you!

But, what happens when this trend goes away? And trust me, it will. Will you still be proud to hang these portraits on your walls? Your enjoyment of your family photography shouldn’t end once the trend goes away. It should last a lifetime.

Ok, time to get off my soapbox! When you’re ready to book a photography session that will result in beautiful and timeless images you’ll love forever, give me a call!

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