Newborn Photographer near Waconia, MN

Are you looking for a Newborn Photographer near Waconia, MN? Alicea Rose Photography is happy to travel anywhere in the Twin Cities area to provide you with in-home lifestyle photos of your new baby and family.

Lifestyle Newborn Photography gives you the ease and comfort of staying in your own home for your newborn and family photos. Depending on the weather, we can also go outside for photos to add variety to your images.

I have so many sessions to blog from this past spring and summer. One of my recent favorites is this Lifestyle Newborn Photography session.

This session was taken on an overcast summer morning. It worked out great that we were able to get outside. They had a nice wooded area behind their house that made for a nice background and added a nice variety to this lifestyle newborn session.

The outfits the mom chose for their in-home lifestyle newborn photo session were perfect! I always advise my clients to wear neutral colors in solids or simple patterns. These images will remain timeless focusing on the love and connection between this new family.

If you’re looking for a newborn photographer near Waconia, MN, please visit my Contact Me page for availability. This time of year fills up quickly with fall sessions and the holidays.

lifestyle newborn photos done at home in Waconia, MN
mom and dad snuggling on the bed with their newborn baby in Waconia, MN
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Medina MN In Home Lifestyle Newborn Photographer

Medina MN In Home Lifestyle Newborn Photographer

Are you looking all over the internet for a Medina MN In Home Lifestyle Newborn Photographer? I would love to work with you! Especially during the winter months here in Minnesota, it’s so much easier to have newborn photos taken right in the comfort of your own home.

The drive for me is a short one since I live in Maple Grove. At most, you’re probably only about 10-15 minutes away.

I’ve been working with this family on newborn and family photos since their oldest was a baby. When they welcomed their 3rd baby (another boy) earlier this year I was thrilled to once again be their Medina MN in home lifestyle newborn photographer to document this time for them. They are just the sweetest family!

The previous newborn sessions were done in their old house in St. Louis Park and at my old photography studio in Golden Valley, where we also did their baby’s milestone photoshoots. This time they opted for an in home lifestyle session at their new home in Medina. I was thrilled to see they moved just a few minutes west of my house in Maple Grove!

We started with family photos in their living room where everyone got to snuggle with and love up on the tiny new family member.

Medina Lifestyle Newborn Photographer 2 scaled

Then we went upstairs to the baby’s nursery so mom and dad could have a little one-on-one time with their new baby boy. We took individual photos of mom with baby and dad with baby and then the 3 of them together. And of course, we took a few of the baby lying in his crib, although he wasn’t too thrilled about that.

Medina Lifestyle Newborn Photographer 3

Medina Lifestyle Newborn Photographer 4

We then had the older kids come back upstairs to the nursery for a few more shots with them in the nursery along with a few more family photos. And finished with a couple of more of the baby alone, this time on the floor, which he actually seemed happier about. 🙂

By this time the baby had fallen asleep, so we took advantage of a few more sibling photos and then a few more combinations of parent-sibling photos before wrapping up the in-home lifestyle newborn photo session.

Medina Lifestyle Newborn Photographer 5 scaled

They also opted for another Baby’s First Year Photography Package with me, which means they’ll get the album after he turns one of all their favorite images taken at his newborn, sitter, and one-year sessions. Such a great heirloom to have for the baby when they get older.

So, if you are looking for a Medina MN In Home Lifestyle Newborn Photographer, reach out now. Please contact me to schedule your session. I’m currently booking for due dates in September, October, and November. It’s never too early to get a date on the calendar as I take a limited number of sessions each month. Talk to you soon!

Why a Lifestyle Newborn Session is Great for Older Newborns

Are you worried you can’t have newborn photos if you have an older newborn? No need to worry! A lifestyle newborn session is great for older babies! These sessions can be done at the studio, or in your home.

Maybe you don’t even want the posed newborn photos because you feel it looks too unnatural. Or, you want to have your baby’s nursery details captured because you know you’ll be moving soon. Or, maybe the thought of leaving the house so soon after delivery has you freaked out.

Having a baby is unpredictable. You have no idea how you’ll feel afterward. I had no idea I was about to embark on a journey of sleepless nights, exhausted mornings, and days of little eating with barely any time to shower. Was I in a position to take my baby to a photographer at that time? Heck no. We also had too many doctor appointments, but that’s a different story.

Some mamas have it easy. They have a wonderful pregnancy followed by an easy delivery and a baby that sleeps and sleeps. This seems to be the magical unicorn that we all wish for, but rarely get.

So, why not wait a few weeks? Settle in with your new babe at home. Rest. Relax. Get used to this new human being that you just met a few weeks ago. Schedule a Lifestyle Newborn Session in your home once you feel ready.

Lifestyle Newborn Sessions can be done anytime after delivery. Technically babies are still “newborns” up to 2 months. At 3 months, your baby starts hitting other milestones that no longer make them a newborn.

The benefit of having a lifestyle newborn session in your home is you’ll have access to everything you need for your baby. You’ll get beautiful images of your family in your home. You’ll get gorgeous newborn photos in the nursery documenting all the little details you put into decorating the baby’s room. You’ll also be right by the kitchen for when your toddler needs a snack.

Older newborns are also more awake, so if you’re looking for those types of photos this would be a great option for you.

This baby girl was 1 month old for her older newborn photos. We did these lifestyle newborn photos in this family’s beautiful new home in Edina, MN on a gorgeous sunny morning. I love how mom styled and coordinated their outfits, don’t they all look great?

We found great lighting right on their staircase going up to the second floor. Stairs are a great place for posing families!

We then took some more sibling and family photos in the nursery. All-in-all another great session with this family!

If you’re looking for a Lifestyle Newborn Photographer, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me. My schedule is pretty flexible and I don’t mind the travel even if you’re further out from the Twin Cities. I can’t wait to hear from you!

Edina MN Lifestyle Newborn Family Photographer