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Alicea is a Professional Photographer specializing in newborn, baby and maternity portraiture out of Minneapolis, MN. She lives in Maple Grove with her husband, son and rescue pup, Masha. Her hobbies include reading, photography, gardening, trivia games and on occasion jamming to 90's rock and hip-hop; mostly while cleaning the house.
Twin Cities Northern Suburbs Maternity and Family Photographer
Posted: March 28, 2023

I’m a Twin Cities Northern Suburbs maternity and family photographer. I absolutely love serving my clients in the Twin Cities with simple, elegant, and timeless family photography.

I recently had a conversation with a client and I was so relieved by the end of our conversation.

We were discussing trends in photography and I was happy to say she and I were in agreement on this: I’m not a fan of the boho trend. There I said it. I don’t want the 60’s and 70’s style trends coming back, especially in family photography.

I’m sorry, but the boho trend you see in a lot of photography today will be the butt of jokes in 15-20 years, just like the “awkward family photos” memes you see today.

All these macrame and wicker and wheat straws and orange-tinted photos? Just why?? There is nothing worse than outdated maternity and family photos. And if a photographer gives in to every style that comes along; what exactly is their style?

This is why my photography style is clean, classic, and timeless. This has been my style for over 12 years now.

Yes, I use props in my newborn photos, but again; clean, classic, and timeless. I don’t want you or your baby to be the butt of jokes as you look back on your photos in 15 to 20 years.

My studio is simple and clutter-free making the sole focus of your portraits; YOU. Not the macrame, not the wicker, not the weird wheat straw; just you. Unless the whole boho trend is your thing? Maybe your whole house looks like this and the photos that go on your walls will blend right in. Awesome. You do you!

But, what happens when this trend goes away? And trust me, it will. Will you still be proud to hang these portraits on your walls? Your enjoyment of your family photography shouldn’t end once the trend goes away. It should last a lifetime.

Ok, time to get off my soapbox! When you’re ready to book a photography session that will result in beautiful and timeless images you’ll love forever, give me a call!

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