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Posted: March 11, 2021

I’ve had the best newborn babies for my posed newborn photography sessions lately. My sessions have been going so well that we’ve been getting done early (under 3 hours) and are usually wrapped up within 2 hours. It’s been amazing and I hope the trend continues! Please keep bringing me all the sleepy babies! 🙂

I think it also helps to follow the suggestions I put into my session prep guide for preparing for the newborn session that gets sent to my clients beforehand. I always put in some helpful tips to keep baby calm and sleepy during the session and even how to prepare a few days in advance. I mean nobody really wants to sit in a hot studio for over 2 hours, right? Following the suggestions can really be helpful so that we can be as efficient as possible when posing and working with your newborn baby.

Even with all the prep work you do before the session, just know that there are times when we just don’t have any control over how baby will be. Baby may have slept well the night before the session, baby might be having feeding issues or other medical issues that are out of our control. We can only do the best we can to keep baby calm, sleepy and comfortable. My sessions are always baby-led, so I just have to go with the flow. That may mean a bigger amount of awake shots in your gallery. But not to worry. Eventually every baby ends up giving up and going to sleep, so I’m able to get what we need for a good variety in your gallery.

I had this posed newborn session last month in February and she was a little dream to work with. Mom loved the colors purple and pink, so we did a mix of different props and poses using those colors. I also wanted to play around a bit with some composite work, so I added two fun flowery composite images to her gallery. I know mom loved them because I received the nicest email after her session thanking me for everything. It was truly my pleasure!

About Alicea

Alicea is a Professional Photographer specializing in newborn, baby and maternity portraiture out of Minneapolis, MN. She lives in Maple Grove with her husband, son and rescue pup, Masha. Her hobbies include reading, photography, gardening, trivia games and on occasion jamming to 90's rock and hip-hop; mostly while cleaning the house.

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