6 month old baby girl crawling towards bear Minneapolis baby photographer
She’s Crawling {Maple Grove Baby Photographer}
Posted: January 10, 2017

It’s always so exciting to see my First Year Baby Plan clients and to see how much their little ones have grown and changed since the last time I took their photos. Like, with this little girl, who I hadn’t seen since her 3 month photo session. She’s on a modified baby plan package documenting her 3 month, 6 month, 9 month and One Year milestones.

They came down to my studio for her 6 month photos and like all of my babies that I see I always want to know which milestones they’ve hit since the last time I saw them. Typically around 6-7 months of age babies start crawling, so that was one of the first things I asked. Mom and dad said she wasn’t quite crawling yet, but kind of doing the baby army crawl, like most babies do when they first start crawling. Sometimes I love hearing this because it means they can’t run away from me during the session!

We started off the session with family photos and then photos of mommy and baby and daddy and baby. I always do this so they can warm up to me before sitting by themselves for the photos. She did awesome with the smiles and even giggles for sitting and tummy time.

Then we decided to throw a prop into the photos to add some variety. I just love stuffed animals, so we brought in her stuffed bear (which was also used in her 3 month session). Little did we know that Mr. Bear would make for more than a prop, but as an incentive as well.

Soon we learned that her interest in getting to him motivated her to start crawling, which is so amazing to be able to document for the first time. I remember being at home documenting my son crawling towards a TV remote control for the first time, too. It’s such a huge milestone, so I was so honored to be doing that right on the spot for mom and dad. What great memories and what a great story this will be for her when she’s older!

6 month old girl in studio maple grove mn baby photographer

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