Red, White + Blue One Year Cake Smash {Coon Rapids Baby Photographer}
Posted: July 27, 2015

Oh, the One Year Cake Smash!  I love it.  They all turn out so differently with every baby.  Most of the time it depends on their mood that day, whether or not they’re teething, or how they slept the night before.  But the biggest factor is how familiar they are with cake in general.

When babies come across something they’re unfamiliar with, they touch it first to see what it feels like.  If a baby has never touched frosting before, which can be sticky, gritty, slimy and squishy, they may think “oh, heck yes, this is AWESOME!” or they may think “oh, ish, what the heck is this stuff?  Don’t make me touch it again.”  Its called texture aversion, similar to how a baby reacts when they step on or sit on grass for the very first time.  I remember how freaked out my son was when he was baby when we’d place him in the grass and to this day he still hates the feel of grass on his feet!

I’ve had my fair share of babies flat out cry with distaste and hate for their one year cake smash cake, while other dive right in.  This little guy was of the latter.  He loved it and couldn’t get enough!  In fact he got so into it that mom simply threw out his cute birthday photo outfit (which she got from Etsy) because it was so ruined at the end.  Haha!  Now that’s a good sign of a good cake smash session!

By the way, mom got the super cute cake at Cub Foods.  They do a great job with these cakes!  Enjoy!

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If you’re looking to get a great deal on your baby’s first birthday cake smash session, contact me today!  I’m still running my 50% off session fee special until August 31st.

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