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Outdoor Family Photos {Minnesota Family Photographer}
Posted: August 20, 2014

This might be one of my most favorite times of the year in Minnesota.  I really, really love the end of summer.  I used to hate it as a kid because it meant the start of another school year was just around the corner, but as an adult, I love them.

First and foremost, it’s almost the end of the blazing high heat and humidity, that always seems to loom right around this time in August.  I am not a fan of the heat, just ask my husband!  He and I fought for many years over the temperature of our home before he finally gave in and realized this was one battle he’d never win!  I have a heat tolerance threshold…and it’s pretty low.

Secondly…the Minnesota State Fair starts this week!!  Woo hoo!  It’s been an annual tradition of mine to hit the State Fair for my birthday every year (it always falls around my birthday) and I don’t think I’ve missed going in almost 20 years (wow, that just aged me).  I love going to the fair.  It’s really the only place I can tolerate large crowds.  Being the claustrophobic that I am, at least with big crowds like that I can always find a few pockets where no one is around.  Fresh air, sunshine and deep fried everything…makes this gal pretty darn happy!

Last, but certainly not least, it’s football season!!  So, not quite regular season yet, but I’ve already enjoyed watching the Vikings win their first 2 pre-season games.  Our fantasy football draft is in a week and a half and then the fun begins!  Here’s a fun fact for ya: I won the first year I played in my Fantasy Football League…and sadly have not won since.  Oh well!  I still have fun.

Until the snow flies…how about we enjoy some more outdoor family photos?  We still have a few months left. 🙂



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Alicea is a Professional Photographer specializing in newborn, baby and maternity portraiture out of Minneapolis, MN. She lives in Maple Grove with her husband, son and rescue pup, Masha. Her hobbies include reading, photography, gardening, trivia games and on occasion jamming to 90's rock and hip-hop; mostly while cleaning the house.

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