One Year Photos {Minneapolis Baby Photographer}
Posted: February 20, 2014

Oh, what can I say about baby Henry?  He has been the easiest and happiest baby to photograph.  I always looked forward to my sessions with him and his family over the course of this past year.  Starting with his newborn photos and up to his one year photos taken just a couple weekends ago.

Funny story though…I was super excited for this photo session.  It would be my first one year session since signing up at my Minneapolis studio back in November.  I had this whole idea planned out in my head and had left my house early to stop by Party City and pick up balloons and other decorations for the shoot.  I was making great time heading down to the studio with what I figured I had about 20 minutes of set up time before Henry’s parents would arrive.

I got into the building, hopped on to the elevator and hit 2 for my floor and nothing.  The elevator wouldn’t move.  I tried hitting the floor button again as well as the open door button, nothing.  The lights were on, the fan was running, but the elevator wouldn’t budge.  I tried hitting the emergency button and nothing.  So I tried several times ringing the bell, but unfortunately the building is pretty quiet on the weekends and no one came to my rescue.  So, finally, I opened the emergency phone and hit the button to call (there was only the one button)…luckily it worked!  It rang someone, still not sure who they were, who was able to call a maintenance repair guy to come and get me out.

In the meantime, Henry’s parents arrived!  I had to give them the secure code to get into the building as I couldn’t make them wait outside in 10 degree weather with 2 little kids, so once they got in they tried to push buttons from the outside of the elevator with no luck.  So…I sat, with my balloons and decorations until about an hour later when I was finally rescued.  Luckily we were still able to complete the session, while piggy-backing onto the other photographer’s session after mine.  The studio is more than large enough to accommodate 2 photographers working at the same time and thankfully it was my good friend, Kirsten, that was after me and not someone I didn’t know.

A big thank you again to his family for waiting so patiently for me to be rescued..and I think I will just start taking those stairs from now on. 🙂
one year photos

one year photographer minneapolis


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