Why an In Home Newborn Session?

Having a new baby is exhausting and newborn sessions can take 3+ hours, not including the traveling time to a studio. If you have a spouse or partner (or other kids) with little patience, or you just can't see yourself spending that much time out of the house with a brand new baby, maybe having a photographer come to you is best.

  1. In home sessions allow you to sleep in (if baby allows) and relax in the morning. The pressure is off. No need to clean before I arrive either. Babies are messy, I get it.
  2. You'll be the most comfortable at home. Moms, trust me on this. You want to have access to your own bathroom after delivery (this comes from experience). At home you'll have everything you need to take care of baby, but you, as well.
  3. Documenting this time in your baby's life also means documenting their surroundings. This is about telling your baby's story and that includes the way her nursery was decorated, how you held your baby while rocking her in your arms, or how you snuggled up with her on your bed. Those photos can't be created in a studio.
  4. At home, the older sibling can participate in the photo shoot when needed and do their own thing before or after. You can focus on your older child to help them with lunch and putting them down for a nap if needed.
  5. You can use this time to get caught up on e-mails, laundry, the dishes, yardwork, sleep... Go binge watch your favorite show on Netflix! The downtime you'll have with a newborn won't be much, so take advantage of it while you can.

When an In Home Newborn Session won't work...

Unfortunately, an in home session won't work for everyone. Some houses just don't get enough natural light in to make it work. Or the one room in their house that gets enough light isn't big enough. It does take a large enough space in front a window with an adequate amount of natural light for these sessions to work. I don't work with artificial light at the moment for in home sessions, so light is a must!

If you're unsure if your home will work for your baby's newborn photos, just contact me.

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The Process

  1. Contact me to see if I have availability around your due date.
  2. Complete my online portrait agreement and submit your deposit to hold your date. A tentative weekend date will be held 7-10 days following your due date.
  3. We'll chat via e-mail or over the phone about what color choices and looks you want for your baby's photos. We'll also discuss clothing choices for family photos.
  4. Contact me as soon as you have your baby. If you go several days past your due date, your session can be pushed out.
  5. Your session will take place at 10am and go until approximately 1pm. Most of this time is spent soothing and feeding baby to keep him calm and sleepy.
  6. Once we're done, I pack up and go! Your fully edited and retouched high-resolution digital image files are delivered electronically through a private online gallery with a full printing rights release.