Minneapolis Family Photographer

I’m Alicea – the one behind the camera stickin’ out my tongue, doing weird things with my eyeballs, and making silly fart noises all to make you and your baby smile (and it usually works, too!)

I’m also the one who will calm your crying newborn, talk about the latest Marvel movies with your partner, and make you feel like the most beautiful mama in the whole wide world.

I’m not only your very own personal cheerleader, but your photographer who will capture all the greatest moments for you during this exciting, exhausting, and happiest journey of your life.

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living her best life 

Being a photographer was not what I had set out to do even at a young age. I’m not gonna give you the whole “I had a camera in my hand my whole life” speech. I’m sure you’ve read it all before.

I mean, I’ve always loved taking photos, but what I wanted most was to be happily married and have a family. My love for photography didn’t start until after my son was born in 2009. It was a hobby until it wasn’t.

My journey started here way back when…

I was just a 10-year-old girl when the lovely woman that lived across the street from me offered to let me work for her at her home daycare. She taught me how to hold a newborn, change a diaper and make a bottle. Taking care of those little ankle-biters made me incredibly happy.

Soon I was creating my very own Babysitter’s Club (yes, based on the books) and started babysitting up a storm for the next 6 years for all the families in my neighborhood. I went on to work as a daycare center aide turned teacher before I got sucked into the corporate world (womp, womp).

And then this happened…

After landing a husband and after the birth of our son in 2009, I quit my corporate job to stay home to care for him. He was diagnosed with Cystic Fibrosis at just 2 weeks old. My husband and I thought it best to avoid daycares to keep him as healthy as possible (I mean, they are little germ factories).

With a tiny baby at home, I was able to dedicate more time to my photography hobby and study along with some of the best photographers in the industry. I joined Click (formally known as ClickinMoms) and several other photography communities to hone my skills. Within 2 years my business was up and running!

Somedays I can’t believe it’s been as long as it has! But I truly, truly love this job.

Fun Facts about me:

in a nutshell

Dream Job? I’m doin’ it!

ISTJ is my Myers-Briggs Personality; total homebody

Heaven is a book, a cup of coffee, and my dog at my feet

Favorite drink: Dirty Vodka Martini (extra olives!)


A psychic predicted I’d work creatively, 3 years before becoming a photographer

I relish in the simplicity

Bucket List Trip: Paris & London

I genuinely love my clients

And this is what I love….



I’ve had the travel bug since I was a little girl. My mom and I would often drop my grandma off at bus stations and airports as she made her way traveling around the country. The only state she never made it to was Alaska, which is on my bucket list.

Planes, Trains, and Automobiles


Jigsaw Puzzles & Board Games

I love jigsaw puzzles and board games of any kind, but I especially love trivia games like Trivial Pursuit. Although it’s fun, I was never really good at Pictionary because I can’t draw for crap, but I can certainly take beautiful photos.

I’m a tiny bit competitive



I love to read in my spare time and have been a book lover all my life! Everything from Emily Bronte’s Jane Eyre to John Grisham’s legal thrillers to Nicholas Sparks’ romance novels. PS…The book is always better than the movie!

Makes for a happy day


My Family

There is nothing more important to me than my family. I’m blessed with an amazing husband and son, fabulous parents (and in-laws), two older brothers, three sisters-in-law, one nephew, two nieces, and two great-nieces. Any time I get to spend time with them, it’s cherished.

Can’t live with ’em, can’t live without ’em

I Can’t Wait to be Your Photographer!

It’s been an honor to have worked with so many Minnesota families and I’m so excited to meet yours! Reach out today to reserve your single Portrait Session or First Year Portrait Collection.

Beautiful portraits capturing the people you love the most