Baby’s First Year; 9 month portraits {Minneapolis Baby Photographer}

There are quite a few reasons I’m excited to blog this session.

First and foremost – how frickin’ adorable is she??  Quite possibly one of the cutest 9-month old babies I’ve photographed (well, her sister is right there next to her).  Plus, her mom has such great taste when it comes to dressing her girls for their photo sessions with me.  Seriously.  Some of the most feminine and girly clothes I have ever seen.  I can only imagine that dressing them brings her the same sort of giddiness I had with dressing up my Barbie dolls as a child.  I’ll never know this, since my one and only child is a boy, however, it really gives me something to look forward to with these sessions with them.

Secondly, this has been one of my quickest and most successful sessions ever given the circumstances.  Poor baby came in not feeling the greatest.  It took a few minutes for her to come out of her shell once we started and unfortunately, I was only given about 20 more minutes before she had a complete meltdown and was done with the session.  She had a bit of a cough with her two front teeth coming through, and later I found out she also had pneumonia.  Mom had taken her to urgent care following our session and low and behold!  I have to say despite that, I’m rather proud of the photos I was able to get that day. 🙂