First Year Baby Plan – When to schedule your baby’s milestone sessions
Posted: August 8, 2014

My First Year Baby Plan Packages contain the major milestones (newborn, 6-month and one year sessions) with the option to add-on a 3-month or 9-month milestone session.  A lot of my clients ask me “when should I schedule my baby’s milestone sessions during the First Year Baby Plan?”  Well, there is no one right or wrong answer.  My answer is, whatever works best for you.  However, if you’re looking for some guidance, read on.

IMG_9781 re-editPaying attention to your baby’s milestones is very important as it can alert you to a potential problem with their development.  While not all babies will hit their milestones at the exact same time, most of them do around the same age and if there is a significant delay, it may be time to contact your pediatrician about any concerns you may have.

The question is:  do you want to document your baby’s first year by age, or by their milestone hit?

The Posed Newborn Session, offered in my Classic Baby Plan and Deluxe Baby Plan, should be scheduled between 5-10 days. This is because newborns are their most sleepy and flexible during the first week or so out of the womb. Lifestyle Newborn Sessions, offered in all of my Baby Plan Packages, can be done up to 1 month.

For 6-month photos you can either have them taken at exactly 6-months of age, or wait until your baby has hit a milestone, which is sitting unsupported.  Again, totally up to you.  If I had to choose, I would wait until baby is sitting unsupported, as it’s always fun to see them looking so strong and independent at such a young age.

The One Year Session, or First Birthday Session, can be scheduled anytime around their birthday. This one is one of my favorites! Celebrating with a fun cake smash session, or another fun themed session is a great way to document this huge milestone in your little one’s life.

Baby Photography Maple Grove MN-24

If you choose to add on the additional milestone sessions, which are at roughly 3-4 months and 8-9 months, they hit some milestones at these ages, too. At 4-months, typically babies can lay on their tummy at “tummy-time” and support their heads up long enough to catch a few good photos. Some babies are even rolling over at this time.  At 8-months, babies should be sitting unsupported and may even be crawling.  At one-year, they are usually “cruising” by walking supporting themselves using furniture and some are even full on walking and even running on their own.

6-month baby photos in MinneaplisOne more bonus to my baby plan packages is that I always allow for sibling and family photos at each session. No need to book a separate family session for your annual holiday cards. We’ll make sure to include time for those at one of your sessions just before the holidays.

I personally think the best thing about my Classic and Deluxe Baby Plans is that at the end of the year you will receive a beautiful Baby’s First Year Album documenting this time.  This 20-page album will consist of photos taken at each session and will be a treasure for your son or daughter to have for years to come.  I can’t stress enough how important it is to invest in products like this that will stand the test of time and this heirloom album will be around for years to come.


maple grove baby photographer_IMG_0018Ready to book for your baby’s first year package?

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