Baby Jack {Minneapolis Newborn Photographer}
Posted: February 19, 2014

I have had a quite a few newborns to photograph lately, but none of them have done as well as this little guy.  Typically I plan for a few hours for a newborn session.  It can take a while to get the baby sleepy, which requires a full belly, a pretty warm room and lots of white noise.  For this little guy, it took very little.  He was already asleep when I got there and never woke up once.

After arriving to their home in South Minneapolis, I hauled in all my baby gear for Dan and Kristen’s newborn session: beanbag, blankets, baskets, props, space heater and all my camera gear.  Thinking it would take a few minutes to set up and get the room warm, I usually start with family and lifestyle photos, but since this little guy was out we figured we start with him and see how it goes.

So after the set up, which usually takes about 20 minutes, we laid him down on the blankets, posed him and away we went.  While doing some subtle pose and prop changes, he didn’t wake up once.  He was the dream baby every photographer hopes for when they arrive for a newborn session.  After maybe 45 minutes of just shooting him we moved on to the family photos and we were done!  After taking everything down and loading my car back up, I was done in under 2 hours.  By far the best newborn session I have ever had.

And not to short change them, Dan and Kristen were dream clients.  So incredibly warm, friendly and easy to talk to.  I couldn’t have asked for a better session!

Congratulations!  I have no doubt you will be excellent parents! 🙂

minneapolis newborn photographerminneapolis newborn photography

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