6-month old Christmas {Minneapolis Baby Photographer}
Posted: February 16, 2015

This was an incredibly fun baby photo session for this little guy’s 6-month photos.  Not only did they have the cutest Christmas accessories for the photos, but their dog was so awesome, too!  Not a single bark and so well behaved. 🙂

These photos couldn’t have turned out any better and I was so glad to see such a smiley and happy little baby boy!  This age is so much fun and is by far my most favorite to photograph.  Baby’s at 6-months smile so much and are so responsive to the silliest things.  It’s always fun to see what the parents do to make their little ones laugh.  I remember having photos done when my son was around 7 months old and the one thing that made him giggle and laugh was saying the word “poop”.  Our photographer thought we were crazy, but, whatever works, right?  And who knew 5 years later my little boy would still think the word poop is funny.  Boys.

Often I’ll just tell the parents to do whatever they would do at home to make their baby’s smile…and I’m pretty sure I’ve seen it and heard it all.  Everything from silly words, songs, noises, toys, etc.  Whatever works! 🙂

Enjoy these 6-month baby and family photos!  I’m so looking forward to his next session.

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