1st Birthday Photos {Coon Rapids MN Baby Photographer}
Posted: March 12, 2015

Happy Thursday!  Thought I would get a blog post up as I sit here in between photo shoots.  I wrapped up my last few sessions a few weekends ago and now I’m just waiting on a few babies to be born this month, which means I’ll be getting to take some squishy little newborn photos soon!

This was one of my last shoots from December.  I’ve been photographing these two kiddos since they were both newborns.  Just the cutest little brother-sister duo ever.  We did a combination 1-year-photo shoot with some family photos, since the timing was perfect for Christmas cards.

One thing I absolutely love about this family is that every time I step into their home it is filled with printed photos from their shoots with me and their personal photos they have taken themselves.  I love it.  I’m totally guilty of not getting my printed photos out in the open.  I have them printed, but still need to get some frames and our home still needs a few new coats of paint.  Although, we moved in over 2 years ago, we still haven’t quite gotten around to fully decorating.  This year will be the year!

On that same note…please, please, please…get your photos printed.  True story:  a Facebook friend of mine recently posted that all of her photos that were on her iPad (in the iCloud) were gone.  No where to be found.  She contacted Apple and they have no idea what happened and cannot find a single photo.  The really sad part is that this was her primary way of taking photos of her kids and she lost 5 YEARS worth of photos.  Please do not rely on technology to keep your photos safe.  There is no technology out there that can 100% guarantee your photos will be safe.  Hard drives crash.  Memory cards corrupt.  CD/DVD’s will deteriorate over time.  And I guess you can throw trusting “the cloud” right out the window.

Get your photos printed.  Put them in an album and put it in a fireproof safe if you have to.  There are even services out there now that will print all of your Instagram and Facebook photos into an album for you.  The name escapes me, but I’m sure you can google it.  Do it.  You will never regret doing it…and you always regret it if you don’t.

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