Maternity Sessions

What will she look like? Will he have his daddy's nose? Will she have her mama's smile?

The wonder of it all. Beautiful. Glowing. Joy.

There's a short window of time to capture this moment before your baby arrives. Contact me to schedule your Maternity Session today.

Congratulations on your pregnancy!

If you're here and just browsing around, contemplating maternity photos, or have already made the decision, you've come to the right place!  I specialize in maternity (and baby) photos and making expecting mamas feel and look their best documenting and celebrating this amazing time.

Scheduling your session.

I highly recommend scheduling your session around the beginning to middle of your 8th month; typically between 28-34 weeks.  In that 9 month you'll be feeling quite uncomfortable and your body will be doing a lot of adjusting as your baby prepares to make their big debut.  I've also had a few moms go into labor 4-5 weeks early, so their sessions never happened due to baby having other plans.  In the early part of the 8th month you should have a nice round little belly and still be comfortable without too much risk of an early delivery.

Choosing a location.

Choose a location that best reflects you and your personal style or taste.  Maternity sessions can literally take place anywhere.  I've done them in my clients' home, my studio, downtown Minneapolis and local parks.  So, are you a little bit country or more of a city gal? Choose a location that you know you'll feel most comfortable at.  If you don't have a clue, I can give you some suggestions.

Looking and feeling your best.

Pick an outfit that you'll be most comfortable in.  Do you normally wear dresses or jeans?  Just like picking the right location, picking the right outfit(s) is important, too.  Solids and simple patterns are your best bet and don't foget to accessorize.  You can take a look through my maternity gallery to see what other expecting mamas have worn.

It's also a great time to have your hair and make up done.  Whether you're a DIY'er or have it done prefessionally.  You'll shine in your photos!  Not that you won't already have that pregnancy glow.

Bring your spouse or partner, kids and pets.

Bringing a new baby into your home will be a big change for everyone involved.  Many times our pets are our first "baby" and will continue to be a very important part of our lives.  This is a great time to document everyone's excited anticipation of the new baby.

Bring props.

Feel free to bring any personal items to the shoot that you want to fold into the mix.  Ultrasound photos, little baby shoes/boots, newborn outfits, etc. are all great to add in for props.  They'll give your photos variety and meaning.

Most of all, enjoy this time!  These 9 months will go by so fast, so enjoy every little kick and hiccup your little bean is doing in there.