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I have loved working with this family. I had completely forgotten that they had found me because they were on the hunt for Organic Bloom Frames. I recently placed an order for their frames, which had sparked my memory! I’m listed as a Preferred Vendor through their website and since Organic Bloom Frames can only be purchased through photographers, they found me that way. They had another photographer lined up for their baby girl’s newborn photos, but wanted me to photograph her milestones starting at age 3 months.

Every session with them has been so much fun (and well planned out with the outfits) with gorgeous images as a result. I seriously can’t wait to see which photos they choose for their frames because there are so many beautiful ones to choose from. We recently completed her 9-month session at the studio, which of course, turned out so cute and was super fun, as always!

I can’t believe we’ll be having her One Year Cake Smash session in just a couple of months. Time has flown by with this little one!

Here is a little share of some of my favorites from this session:

9 month baby girl and family photos in the studio minneapolis

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Mom had contacted me about having newborn photos taken of her new little baby boy a couple of weeks after he was born. Luckily I had an immediate opening for a Simple Newborn Session. When I arrived, she explained she really wanted to try and surprise her husband with the photos for his birthday. She had tried taking the photos herself, but it just didn’t work out as planned. She knew she needed to hire a professional photographer.

Taking newborn photos isn’t easy. It’s taken me several years to master it (and I’m no master; I still feel like I’m learning something new at each and every session). When in doubt; hire a professional photographer for your newborn photos. You won’t regret it. The time you have to take their photos while they’re fresh and new is very limited. Plus, it takes experience and patience to pose babies safely into position. There are also many tricks that pros use to soothe and comfort baby, so they stay sleepy, which is crucial during the session.

I love that mom wanted simple and clean photos of her little guy. We coordinated using whites and grays, so the photos would look great in the nursery. He also had the lightest and longest eyebrows and eyelashes that were so fun to capture with my macro lens. I’m in love with all the detail shots I got of him.

After our newborn session, I received an email from mom wanting to do a full First Year Baby Plan, too! I’m so excited to see this little guy at his 6-month and One Year photo shoots. 🙂

Enjoy a few of my favorites from his newborn session.

newborn boy in gray and white hopkins mn newborn photographer

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Happy first day of Spring!

My husband and I just got back from a quick trip to Cocoa Beach, FL for my brother’s wedding. It was a bit chilly down there for this time of year, though. We were hoping to escape the Minnesota cold and land in warmer weather, but the weather gods had other plans. Although it was chilly for Florida standards, the sun was shining and the drinks were yummy. The wedding on the beach was beautiful and a great time was had by all!

Now that I’m back from a little vaca and in between sessions, I thought I would blog this little gal’s 6-month photos. I had such a fantastic time meeting this wonderful family. They were so laid back and silly and goofy and just so much fun to work with. I had completely fallen in love with their older daughter by the time we were done. From the moment she walked into the studio, she was full of great stories and was so open and warm. It didn’t take long to figure out she got that from her parents. I seriously just wanted to take her home with me and hang out and listen to her stories. She was so funny!

Both girls photographed beautifully and were just so happy the entire time. They made my job too easy. 🙂

Please enjoy a few photos from our time together at the studio!

6 month baby girl with mom dad and sister in the studio minneapolis


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I was super excited for the arrival of this little man after working with his parents on their maternity photos.  I can’t remember if I had told the story in their maternity blog post, but they had a hard time finding a photographer that would travel to them to their home in the West Metro of Minneapolis. They live in the town of Independence, which lucky for me is only about a 20 minute drive or so. I find that clients that live a little further west or north of Maple Grove are easier to travel to since I don’t have to drive through the cities to get to them. Driving out to the country is kind of nice. It’s always a peaceful drive with open country roads and little traffic. You never have to deal with rush hour!

This little guy ended up being pretty great to work with. Even though he was fully fed when I arrived to their home for his newborn photos, he was pretty wide awake, but content and happy. We started off wrapping him to keep him that way and posing him in one of my bowls. I was able to get some super cute wide awake shots as well as the little expressions he made as he started to drift off to sleep.

After he became fully asleep, I transitioned him to the beanbag/blanket for his lying down poses. Again, he did awesome and didn’t wake up until right at the end when I got done with his very last pose.

This entire session lasted only 1.5 hours, since mom and dad opted to just have photos taken of their little guy. They weren’t up to taking family photos, which not everyone is right after delivery. This is why I offer 2 types of posed newborn sessions for my clients; The Simple Newborn Session and the Deluxe Newborn Session. The Deluxe includes family and sibling photos. The Simple Newborn Session can always be upgraded to if you end up feeling up to it the day of the session.

Enjoy some of my favorites from our time together!

mix of posed newborn boy in browns and blues

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I can’t love the photos from this newborn photo session any more! Everything from the soft pink, purple and cream colors used for baby girl’s posed newborn photos to how sweet, gentle and caring her older brother is. She slept like a dream, too!

We started off with family photos in their living room in their basement. The light filtering through the window made for beautifully backlit photos while the photos we took on the fireplace using the soft light falling over it made for another look and some variety. We then took a few photos of big brother and baby sister together on my rug while lying down. I take this shot from above since it’s the safest pose for an older sibling to “hold” his new baby sister or brother. I just loved his sweet expression as he looked down at his tiny sister.

We then took a few photos of just mom, dad and the new baby together while I had big brother work as an “assistant” helping me make his parents smile and laugh for their photos together.

After we were done with family photos, dad took big brother shopping, so mom and I could take photos of baby girl. I had mom top her off with a quick feeding to keep her full and happy while I set up for her posed photos. We got through all of the shots we needed to and then we took a few last ones of just mom and baby together.

We got all of this done in under 3 hours, which is what I always strive for in the Deluxe Newborn Sessions. Bonus for me was they lived right around the corner from my house in Maple Grove, so I was home quickly after the session!

Enjoy these favorites from their session!

new baby girl with family and big brothernewborn girl in pink, purple and cream blanket and bowl


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