Baby Milestone Sessions

The first year of your baby's life is full of constant change, growth and many, many firsts.  I want to make sure all of that is captured for you in the most beautiful photographs that you'll cherish forever.  You'll only look back on these photos with the fondest of memories and funniest stories about their first smile, first tooth and the first step they took.

3-4 Months

At this stage your baby is starting to connect with you and offering up real smiles and can even laugh and giggle at the silly things you do.  Another great development at this age is being able to hold their head and upper body up at tummy time for a few minutes.

Mom and Dad are often used as props at this session to get baby sitting up assisted or being held to get a nice portrait.  Otherwise, for most of the session baby will be either lying down on his/her tummy or back capturing as many smiles as we can.

6-7 Months / Little Sitter

Once your baby starts to sit up on their own completely unassisted, it's time to schedule their session.  Most babies hit this milestone between 6-7 months of age, however some babies will hit it sooner while other babies a little later.  It all depends on how strong their muscles are and how much practice they're getting. This fun age is usually full of smiles and giggles, which is so much fun to photograph!

8-9 Months

At around 8-9 Months your baby should be crawling and cruising along your furniture and those baby gates should definitely be up.  Most of my clients won't see a significant change in their baby between 9 months and One Year, so this milestone isn't as popular and is not included in my First Year Baby Plans, but can always be added on.

This session typically results in images very similar to the 6 month session; capturing baby sitting unassisted and possibly cruising or standing assisted with a chair or prop.

One Year / Little Cruiser – Walker

Most of my clients, regardless of where their baby is developmently, will have photos taken right around their baby's first birthday.  Some babies are fully walking, if not running, by the time they turn one.  Some are still "cruising" using furniture and mom and dad to help them walk around.

If you only ever have one milestone session for your baby, this should be it! Help them celebrate turning one with a fun cake smash or other themed session.  I'll coordinate balloons and other decorations to any cake or outfit you choose.