The Newborn Session

They're only this little, for a little while.

Capture this moment now before it's gone by booking a Simple Newborn Session or Deluxe Newborn Session today.

I look forward to meeting you and your little one soon.

Congratulations on the arrival of your new baby!

While this time is exciting and new, it can also be exhausting and a bit overwhelming. I know, I've been there. Having a professional newborn photographer come to your home is the safest, easiest and most relaxing way to enjoy your newborn photography session. Your precious photos from this time may be the only things remaining after your baby has grown. That's why I'll capture these wonderful new moments and all of those tiny little newborn details while your baby is still fresh and new.

Your newborn photography session will take place in your home.

Having your session in your home is the safest and most comfortable for a brand new baby.  It's also far more convenient with easy access to everything you need in your home to feed, clean, change and soothe your baby.

I remember those days of bringing home my tiny little person very well.  Managing to shower and eat, let alone leave the house for any reason, was not an easy task.  I remember feeling so grateful to anyone who could come to me rather than me go to them.  It's part of my newborn photography service and I'm happy to do it!

And don't worry about cleaning before I arrive (complete chaos is expected).  I'll rearrange furniture as I need to for different shots and poses, and I'll even put it all back when I'm done.

Newborn Sessions can be done anytime during the first month

Newborn Sessions can be done anytime during baby's first month. The posed and styled sessions are best done in the first 2 weeks when baby is most flexible, however, babies older than 2 weeks can still have posed photos taken. Lifestyle sessions can be done at anytime during those first 3 months, since no posing is done during those sessions.

Safety First!

Safety always comes first when handling and posing a tiny little newborn.  Newborn posing takes patience, experience and time to create beautiful images of your baby looking comfortable and relaxed. Using simple and soft blankets and props, the focus is on your baby making your images timeless and beautiful. You'll never regret capturing your baby in their purest and most natural form.

Your session will start in the morning around 10:00am. 

I find this time works well for everyone; not too early and not too late.  On the off chance I need to schedule your session later, it will be in the early afternoon around 1pm. Once I arrive to your home I'll have you give me a little tour, so I know which room(s) will work the best (based on size and lighting). I always use natural soft window light, which is most flattering to your newborn's tiny little facial features and we can even go outside for a few if it's nice enough!

How the session progresses will be completely up to the one in charge, your baby.

Sleep, eat, poop, repeat. It's pretty much all they do right? We are basically on their schedule. I'll have you feed your baby as often as needed to keep them calm and sleepy during the session. Hopefully your baby is filling up well enough to last about 2 hours, but it's not unusual for babies to "clusterfeed" during times of growth.

What if my baby doesn't sleep for the posed photos?

From time to time I've worked with a newborn baby who just doesn't want to sleep or want to be put down for one reason or another.  It could be they're gassy, going through a growth spurt, not eating enough to completely fill their tummy, or are just used to sleeping on/next to mommy and daddy.  After making sure we've completely addressed every possible issue and baby still won't get sleepy enough to be put down and posed, the session may be rescheduled to a few days later, or continue on as a lifestyle session.

The room I'll be using for the posed newborn photos will be very warm (between 80-85 degrees).  Dress comfortably.

You are more than welcome to sit in the room with me and watch, rest and relax while I go through a variety of poses, props and shots.  I'll have you keep some cold water on hand to sip on and feel free to have a snack or eat lunch.  Between the heat from my space heater and the white noise machine I use to put baby to sleep, you may even find yourself dozing off, too, and I certainly don't mind.  If I need anything, I'll let you know.

Once I'm done, I pack up and go!

If all goes well, I will be out of your hair in 2.5-3 hours after the session starts.  Post processing and editing newborn sessions takes a bit longer than a regular session, but your online gallery should be up and running within 2-3 weeks of your session.


Don't hesitate to contact me with any questions or concerns you have about your newborn photography session.  I will do everything I can to ease your mind and make this an easy, comfortable and most of all safe session for you and your baby.